I took my birth control pill 4 hours late?

Jaxx Tumblr Asked: I took my birth control pill 4 hours late?

I am on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen lo tabs and I just finished my period two days ago. I had unprotected sex yesterday a few times with my long term boyfriend. I take my pill at 5:00 am because that is when I'm usually up for school, but last night I turned off my phone, forgetting about my alarm and I woke up at 9am and immediately took the pill. I am a 14 year old girl, 5'3", and weigh 108. What is the possibility of me being pregnant?

Also, please do not leave answers like "If you're 14 why are you having sex?" because really, it's none of your concern. Having sex with someone I've been with for a long time is MY decision, not yours, not anyone else's. My mother knows and she is more or less FINE with the fact that I have sex with my boyfriend who has been my best friend for a year and a half. So please, refrain from any of your stupid comments that don't answer my question. It's rude and immature.


Katie Journagan Answered:
Slim to none. Taking the pill around the same time every day is best but if you don't take it at the same time its not gonna hurt any thing. Just don't got two or 3 days with out taking it. I made that mistake Yikes!!!! (lol) any way hun your fine don't worry about it. just try to stay on top it. icon smile I took my birth control pill 4 hours late?

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