Pregnancy symptoms a light pink spotting?

i love my babygirl Asked: Pregnancy symptoms a light pink spotting?

Ok sorry this might be a little long but im looking fo se possible help.. I will start off by saying i am on birth control but was late one night takin it about 5 hrs.. right after words we had sex and he cam in me and it was my ovulation time.. for about a week now i have been feeling nauseous acne pelvis pain i can smell everything and very sleepy day before yesterday i had clear jelly like discharge once when i wiped, and today when i wipe it a LIGHT pink spotting like on the tp.. Not enough to gt on panties just when i wipe.. we did have sex last night.. my period isn't suppose t be here until this sun july 30th.. You think these are preg symptoms or period took 2 test a couple days ago but both neg could be early plus they were cheap dollar store.. please help thanks


lucy Answered:
It does sound possible as implantation bleeding happens when the egg embeds itself in the lining so it will happen around ovulation time not generally right before your period.
If your period is due on the 30th then it is to early to test as the hormones havn't had time to increase. Realistically the earliest you can test is the 29th.
I'm guessing as you are on birth control you are not planning on getting pregnant so you should talk to your doctor if you need to.
Good luck with whatever happens x

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